Linwood Cemetery

The Murdoch-Linwood Funeral Home is conveniently located on the grounds of the beautiful Linwood Cemetery in Cedar Rapids. One of the area's oldest cemeteries, Linwood Cemetery provides families with both traditional ground burials as well as above-ground mausoleums. Our Cemetery Rules & Regulations are designed to keep Linwood Cemetery looking beautiful. Click here for our cemetery map.

Linwood Cemetery also allows both above-ground markers or memorials as well as flat markers. You are not limited at Linwood Cemetery... the choice is yours. Stop in and talk to one of our family service counselors today about all the options available at Linwood Cemetery. 

                                                                              Linwood Cemetery Mausoleum.

Linwood Cemetery Mausoleuem cremains sections are available on each of the three mausoleum buildings.

Linwood Cemetery dates back to the late 1800's and includes some interesting historical marking of Cedar Rapids and Linn County. The once popular, Cherry Sisters, a known bad vaudeville act, are buried at Linwood Cemetery. Also at Linwood Cemetery is a monument dedicated to all those who died in the explosion Douglas Starch Works.

                                           Linwood Cemetery also contains a burial section of Civil War Veterans. 

Linwood Cemetery offers a complete line of both above ground granite markers and flat bronze markers. We have a display at Linwood Cemetery in Cedar Rapids and at the Murdoch Funeral Home & Cremation Center in Marion to show you memorialization options. We can provide your marker for the Linwood Cemetery as well as most cemeteries in the area. We can personalize your marker to your specifications all at an affordable price. Call on us for all your memorialization needs. 319.364.1549