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Cremation Assurance

Cremation Assurance

Cremation Assurance is our promise to you. It is our eight point commitment plan to every family that calls on us to help with the cremation of their loved one. These eight points  detail each step of the cremation process at our funeral home.  

1) Our Crematory

1) Our Crematory

Murdoch Funeral Homes & Cremation Service owns and operates our own crematory. When you call on us for cremation, your loved one does not leave our care.  We do not use a crematory in a warehouse/industrial building nor do we use a crematory owned and operated by someone else. Our crematory is located at our funeral home in Marion and is open for your inspection.

Why is this important?

ONLY the Murdoch Licensed Funeral Directors operate our crematory. Your loved one’s care is very important to you and us, therefore we do not want to leave their cremation up to a third party operator who may not have been trained in the respectful, compassionate reverent care as licensed funeral directors have. By operating our own crematory we can ensure the highest quality of care will be given to your loved one.

2) Personal Identification

Murdoch Funeral Homes & Cremation Service wants to ensure your loved one’s personal identification. As soon as your loved one enters our care a personal identification band is placed on your loved one.

3) Family Identification

Prior to any cremation at our crematory our funeral directors will bathe and dress your loved one in clothing provided by the family or in a gown we provide. We will then ask a family member to positively identify your loved one.

4) Tracking

4) Tracking

Upon arrival your loved one is logged into our cremation record system and is assigned a cremation ID tag. This ID tag is a numerically stamped metal disc in addition to the personal identification band placed on your loved one when they initially entered our care. This metal disc accompanies your loved one throughout the cremation process. The ID tag is ultimately placed into the urn and is an enclosed permanent means of identification.

Murdoch Funeral Homes & Cremation Service wants to ensure each family receives the cremated remains of their loved one and carefully monitors and tracks each cremation.

5) Record Keeping

Our funeral home utilizes a detailed record keeping system. Our cremation log book records the name of the individual, date & time of cremation, Cremation ID tag number, the licensed funeral director that is operating the crematory, as well as any other important information regarding the cremation.

Prior to ANY cremation at our crematory, the funeral director and at least one other staff member carefully checks the identification of each individual being cremated & all cremation documents.

At the completion of the cremation process the time of completion is recorded in the log book.

State of Iowa Laws regarding cremation are strictly followed at our crematory and funeral home.

6) Following Cremation

Following the cremation procedure your loved one’s cremated remains are carefully placed in the urn, keepsakes and/or jewelry keepsake pieces that were selected.

7) Receiving Cremated Remains

Our funeral directors will notify the family and arrange a time for the receiving of the cremated remains. At this time we will provide an appropriate setting to receive the cremated remains and you may spend some quiet time in reflection.

If requested, our staff can personally deliver the cremated remains to your local home.

8) Remembering

8) Remembering

We will assist your family in planning a funeral, visitation, gathering or memorial service either before or after the cremation. This event will celebrate the life of your loved one, be a special tribute to a life lived and reflect how they touched the lives of those around them.

Funerals, visitations, gatherings or memorial services can be religious, contemporary, casual, formal or a combination of what you and your loved one would like. If you want a reception or a "party" we can help with that too. Our staff of professional funeral directors is here to assist in any way possible.