Legacy Center at Murdoch-Linwood

Murdoch Funeral Homes can assist you and your family in creating a personalized gathering, including a meal selected from a large range of wonderful foods and beverages appropriate for any budget. From appetizers available at visitations, to breakfasts served to your family just prior to services, and especially buffet meals -- Murdoch Funeral Homes prides ourselves in offering a warm and comfortable gathering space offering only the freshest cuisines. Unlike restaurants and social halls, we specialize in funeral gatherings, meals, and celebrations uniquely customized to the tastes of your family with an attentive staff ready to serve you.  We are also pleased to offer off-site catering for your gathering (prices my vary due to location/circumstances).  If our listed menu items do not meet your needs, we will be happy to work with our catering staff to create a customized meal offering specific to your wishes.

Our Facility

The Legacy Center opened at Murdoch-Linwood in 2013. It provides  seating for up to 150 people and offers a full catering menu to meet the wishes of all families. Whether you want appetizers and cookies for visitation or cold meat sandwiches, hot roast beef, fried chicken or Czech Goulash for a meal, we can help. Bar service offering beer and wine is also available. Our facility also provides state-of-the-art technology for playing such things as video tributes and special music.

Gatherings at the Legacy Center

Many families desiring a different option from the traditional chapel visitation or funeral service choose to use the Legacy Center. So many times we have heard "I want a party when I go" and the Legacy Center is a perfect location for that party. Friends and relatives can come together and share stories and memories, look at picture displays and memorabilia and enjoy a glass of beer and appetizers.